Other Baby Gear | from $35

We love making 'well-loved' baby gear sparkle again, and extend our intensive clean treatments to a whole range of baby gear and includes (where applicable) soaking, hand-scrubbing, sanitise/disinfect, pressure/steam cleaning, intensive stain treatment, machine wash, rinse and detailing. If you do not see your item listed below, please contact us for a quote!

  • Pram Liner | $10
  • Play Mat | $10
  • High Chair | $15
  • Walker | $15
  • Jumperoo/Activity Centre | $15
  • Bassinet | $20

*Note: every effort will be made to remove stubborn stains and/or any traces of mould, however despite our best efforts, we may not always be able to achieve this entirely. This will be discussed with you prior to us undertaking any cleaning