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Baby Shampoo CupĀ 

Bailer Shower Kids Washing Hair Cup


Product Category: Shampoo cup / bailer
Material: PP + TPR
Product size: 160x156x152mm/6.3×6.14×5.98in
Product weight: 215g

Product color: yellow and blue

Suitable for: shampoo bathing

Suitable object: child, pregnant women

Curved design according to the child head, soft rubber close to the scalp, prevent
shampoo and water flow into the baby’s eyes.

Light your baby’s chin with a hand, tilt
the head slightly back, take half a glass of water, rubber close to the
forehead (slightly backward), rinse back, wash the shampoo, but the water will
not flow into the eyes.
The internal water retaining plate can increase the flow of water and make the
water more uniform, improve the comfort of shampooing.

1 x Shampoo Cup

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